Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Girl Can Never Have Too Much Chocolate!

My last blog entry was about winning some chocolate on Donna Alward's blog at

Well, my hubby has been picking up the mail these days so I'd told him this chocolate was on the way. Donna had posted a couple weeks ago that she'd mailed the package but I hadn't received it yet.

So yesterday when hubby brought the mail in and dropped it on the kitchen table, I searched through it and nope - no chocolate. I went back to making supper without asking him if it came in because, well, it wasn't with the mail. I mean, he wouldn't EAT it, right?

After supper, I headed over to my writing armoire in the corner of the living room and right on my laptop was Donna's package! I saw her return address right away! I picked it up and yup - it was bulky. I glanced over to where hubby was sitting on the sofa, grinning. "My chocolate! It came in!" He looked at me and said, "You didn't think I was gonna eat it, did you?" Well, no. I ripped open the pkg and slipped the bag of bars out. Three bars of Bernard Callebaut chocolate. Now I have to admit I've never had this caliber of chocolate before and neither has hubby. He sat there looking at me with a silly grin on his face. He says he doesn't like chocolate unless there's nuts in it. Well wouldn't you know it - Donna had included one bar that contained almonds. Drat.

My impulse was to squirrel the 3 bars away and drool at my leisure but hubby works hard in the oil field everyday while I sit around and write with the occasional housework thrown in. He doesn't get ticked when supper's late (or nonexistent) because I've been working on a scene that I need to get down while I've ‘got it'. There are so many things he puts up with just so that I can write even though I have nothing to show but rejections. I mean so far, the only proof for my effort is winning some writing challenges. I can't even seem to get off the ground in the little contests that authors have on their blogs. And yet still, he lets me spend hours every day writing because he has faith in me.

So what could I do? I handed over the bar of chocolate with almonds. And what did he do? He had the wrapper ripped before I'd even transferred it fully into his hands! I watched in horror as he broke off a piece and pushed it into his mouth. "Hey, you want to taste it!" I yelled. With a sheepish grin - lopsided because of the angle shape sticking out of his cheek - he slowed down, acting like he was thinking while he chewed. I couldn't believe it. I mean this guy buys himself a chocolate bar every couple days and he was chomping down like he hadn't eaten chocolate in years! "I just wanted a taste," he mumbled when it was gone 3 and a half seconds later. I picked up the other 2 bars noting that he tucked the wrapper over what was left of his bar and put it on the coffee table. I was tempted but it was after 7 and I try not to eat anything but popcorn that late, so I left them where I'd found them.

This morning when I came to sit at my desk, I noticed his bar of chocolate with almonds still sitting there. Man, was I tempted to snitch a piece. But I don't do things like that! Instead, I turned to my desk. The other 2 bars were there, calling me. I picked them up, turning them over in my hands. I didn't want to open them because then they'd be gone. Of course I have to share one with the kids, but the other one is for me. I held back all day, soaking in the anticipation, ignoring the 2 caramel and beige coloured wrappers sitting benignly beside my laptop.

If things play out like normal around here, I should be ripping the paper off mine and breaking it into pieces around 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon.

I can just imagine sliding a piece between my lips. It'll be the dark chocolate one. It'll meet my tongue and I'll feel that first burst of rich cocoa flavour. With gentle pressure, I'll hold it between my teeth. It'll start my taste buds salivating. My lips will close, surrounding the luscious fragment so that the heat of my mouth will start the melting process. I'll feel the chocolate oozing off the chunk, sliding down towards my throat, but slipping off and pooling under my tongue instead where it'll sit, sending shock waves of delight to the neurons in my brain, releasing my endorphins. I'll slowly move the chocolate around my mouth, savoring it, feeling it diminish. I'll try to suck it towards the front for longer lasting pleasure, but as the last globule of moisture slides down my throat, my serotonin level will escalate. I'll sink into my chair, limbs relaxed, eyes closed, the memory of the chocolate lingering on my lips. After several seconds, I'll raise my heavy lashes. My body will feel like jelly, all soft and wobbly. But my eyes will fall upon the rest of the bar, just one piece gone. With heavy limbs, I'll reach for the delectable confection, telling myself I should resist but not really believing it. After all, a girl can never have too much chocolate.

Thank you, Donna!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I'm a Winner!

No - I didn't win the Big Finish 2 or Genesis contest, but I did win a new book and some chocolate!

Love Inspired author Margaret Daley emailed that I'd won the draw for Cheryl Wyatt's new book A Soldier's Family. We posted about this in my last blog post even! Margaret interviews authors every week and then has a draw. You can catch her blog at
Thank you Margaret and Cheryl!

Then I almost fell off my chair when I got an email from Harlequin Romance author Donna Alward saying I'd won her Feb contest for chocolate! Wow! Donna's blog at is another one I regularly read because of all the good info she has. I also talked about/with her on my last blog post. Thank you Donna!

So, in a couple weeks I'm gonna be sitting back, feet up, reading a good book and eating chocolate! Now that's a writer's life!

...If only I can win something for my writing now... no Cheryl - that's not a hint! I'm talking about Cheryl's story starter contests which she runs every month. Great prizes for that! Cheryl's blog is . (I meant I'd love to win the Big Finish or final in the Genesis contests.)