Saturday, September 18, 2010

ACFW Indy Sat Report

Saturday at the ACFW conference in Indianapolis started off great although I was suffering from lack of sleep. Just tossed and turned all night.

Shared breakfast with other Beyond the Borders zone members: Gail Sattler (BC), Val Comer (BC), and Cathy West (Bermuda).

Right after the morning worship, I went to await my editor's appt. Can I tell you the waiting area is nicknamed 'Pergatory'? I was in the first group and saw the same editor as last year. I told her about my big rewrite and what I changed and she actually remembered my story! Better yet, she liked the changes I made. And yes, she still wants it when it's complete.

Wth that out of the way, I started my day of workshops. Then lunch with some of the Seekers (Seekerville). And back to the workshops.

Downtown Indianapolis outside the Hyatt Regency
Since this night is set aside for authors to have dinner with their agents, Val Comer, Dina Sleiman, Lisa Richardson and a friend (sorry can't remember her name)went out to eat.

Lisa Richardson in front of elevators

Jillian Nutter

By the time we finished supper and went back to the Hyatt Regency, everyone was in a good mood and kind of giddy after the lack of sleep and tension.

Lisa Richardson, Patti Lacy, Jillian Nutter

Lisa Richardson, Jen AlLee, Bonnie Calhoun

Friday, September 17, 2010

ACFW Indy Opening Day Dinner

I didn't take many photos today, but here's one our tablemates took of some of the Inkies. Lisa Richardson left before we remembered to take it. :(

(L to R) Anita Mae Draper, Jen AlLee, Dina Sleiman, Jillian Kent

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Flying to ACFW Indy

Got up at 3am to drive to Regina so I could catch a 6am flight to Indianapolis, Indiana. Here are some pics I took on the way:

Dawn breaking somewhere between Regina and Minneapolis

A whole assortment of cloud types.


These clouds were breaking up.

Going through clouds on descent to Indy.

Inside the Hyatt Regency Indianapolis glass wall elevator.

Taken from beside the elevator on the 11th floor.

Looking down from 11th floor. The blue-green is a waterfall at the bottom of the elevators.
Italian supper. (L to R) Judy, Patti Lacy, Sara, Jen AlLee, Dina Sleiman, Lisa Richardson, Anita Mae Draper


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Indianapolis, Here I Come!

Just came out of my writing cave to say as of 6 am Thurs, I'll be flying out to Indianapolis, Indiana to attend the 2010 American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) conference.

I'm very excited to see all my friends and meet new eFriends.

I'll try to keep you posted but it'll depend on the internet service. I sure hope there's Wifi. It makes it so much easier to make plans to meet for coffee, etc.

If you'd like to pray for my return flight, I'll be coming home next Tues - leaving there in the morning and coming back early afternoon.

Thank you.


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Using MS Office 10

 I'm blogging about Microsoft Office 10 over at Prairie Chicks Write Romance today.

 I'm showing how you can add automatic numbering in your header, split screens for comparing documents, and virtual Sticky Notes.

Come on over and share what you know... or what you don't. LOL

The photo of the day was taken last week in Kipling, SK. The strange sun may have seemed like it was sunset, but it wouldn't go down for several hours.

Instead, smoke from the British Columbia (BC) forest fires were in the air. It hung over everything like a veil and at one point, I thought a grass fire was to the south of us, towards North Dakota.  Apparently, they could see and smell the smoke all the way to Ontario.